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RiverJazz: Robert Glasper Experiment
RiverJazz: Robert Glasper Experiment

Part of RiverJazz

Wednesday, June 21
Price: $27 / $37
Venue: Musikfest Café presented by Yuengling
Doors and Dinner: 6:00 pm | Show: 7:30 pm

After dominating the jazz charts, winning a couple R&B Grammys, and recording with everyone from Erykah Badu to Norah Jones to Snoop Dogg, what's next for a band like the Robert Glasper Experiment? When the group's leader scores a Miles Davis film, plays keys all over albums from Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly to Anderson .Paak’s Malibu to Maxwell’s blackSUMMERS’night, and is currently collaborating on forthcoming albums from Herbie Hancock, Common, and Mac Miller, what can you do to level up? "You do you," says Glasper with a chuckle. "People need to hear what the Experiment sounds like, just us—know what our vibe is and can be."

On ArtScience, the Experiment sounds like a bit of everything that's vibrant and challenging and great about music, woven into a billowing fabric of jazz, funk, soul, rock, hip-hop, blues, disco, electronic, and pop—if the Black Radio albums evoked the crash-proof airplane "black box" in their title, this one's a parachute carrying us to unimagined vistas. But to fully understand what this quartet's accomplished, you need to know some things. This is the first Experiment LP where all members write and produce, and the first with no guest vocalists. That means everyone—sax man and vocalist Casey Benjamin, bassist Derrick Hodge, drummer Mark Colenburg, and Glasper himself—sings. It also means you're hearing the freest version of the Experiment yet.


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