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Open Critique

Sunday, 9/9
1:00PM - 3:00PM
1 Day
Price $5 | $4 ArtsQuest Members | FREE Artist Collective Members


Sunday, 12/2
1:00PM - 3:00PM
1 Day
Price $5 | $4 ArtsQuest Members | FREE Artist Collective Members

“As artists, we also need a second (or third) “set of eyes” on our work. We need to know how our work can be improved. We need to understand how our work is perceived by our audience – the viewer. Sometimes we can spot issues on our own, but most times we need input from others. This is where critique becomes an important part of our development as artists.” –Matt Fussel, The Importance of Critique The Artist Collective Open Crit is a quarterly critique event where visual artists of all mediums are invited to bring new and/or in-progress work for critical feedback and group discussion, facilitated by an educator or artist experienced in group-critique. For our first Open Crit, Lehigh University Chair of the Art, Architecture and Design department and Digital Photography, Experimental Animation and Video Professor Anna Chupa will be on hand to lead the discussion. Visual artists and art enthusiasts are welcome to join in this event, constructive input during the critiques is encouraged from everyone present. Participating artists are asked to be open to constructive criticism and feedback given by the group, which should always be done in a supportive and respectful manner, but could at the same time be challenging for the artist. There will be time for roughly six critiques, and artists interested in being reviewed should sign up in advance with Hillary Harper at
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When & Where

Banko Gallery
Plenty of tickets
Sun, Dec 2
1:00 PM

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