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My Favorite Basket
My Favorite Basket
Saturday, Feb 25 & Sunday Feb 26
12:00PM - 3:00PM
2 Days
Price: $90 | $81 ArtsQuest Members

This traditional 12-inch basket is shaped like a bucket and is complete with a study wooden push-in handle. The base is made with 8 wide rattan stakes that are formed into a ‘hump’ giving it an open, airy space – just perfect for fruit. The basket is built out of rattan, but has oak, maple and ash strips, so the sides of the basket is very pretty. Native American baskets often have curls made out of thin wood, and this basket has two or four rows of maple curls. This is an advanced beginner level class, but all levels are welcome! Class Materials will be supplied by the instructor. Participants are asked to bring: an old towel, pencil, cloth measuring tape, 12 clip clothespins. If possible: garden sheers or sturdy scissors.

Personal Basket