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Medium Market Basket
Saturday, September 29th
12:00PM - 5:00PM
1 Day Workshop
Price: $90 | $81 ArtsQuest Members

Be the envy of everyone at the farmer’s market! This traditional basket is square with colored stripes on the bottom and is made with a study wooden “D” handle. The base is made solid so market purchases will not slip through the bottom slots. The basket is built out of rattan and students have a choice of two colors to accent the bottom and the sides. The basket is finished with a traditional rim. This class teaches 3 of the 7 basic steps in basic reed weaving, as well as curl making. Level: advanced beginner, but all levels are welcome. Class Materials will be supplied by the Instructor. Participants are asked to bring: an old towel, pencil, cloth measuring tape, 12 clip clothespins. If possible: garden sheers or sturdy scissors.

Personal Basket