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Intro to Film Appreciation with Timothy Molchany
Intro to Film Appreciation with Timothy Molchany
Sundays, March 4 - March 25
12:00PM - 2:30PM in the Digital Classroom, Banana Factory
Price: $89 | $79 - ArtsQuest Member

No refunds or exchanges.

Intro to Film will examine how meaning and feeling is created via established cinematic techniques, as well as the ongoing innovation of directors, cinematographers, editors and others involved in the creative process. Starting with the notion of cinematic language and the relationship between form and content, Intro to Film will examine various types of films (narrative, documentary, experimental), mise-en-scene and cinematography, sound design and editing, acting, and the various ways that film can be analyzed and interpreted. In one month students in the class will gain a greater understanding of the filmmakers’ art and acquire a new vocabulary for describing and explaining the films they watch.

Timothy Molchany is a Professor of Communication at Northampton Community College’s Main Campus in Bethlehem Township. He started at NCC in 1999 and currently teaches Speech Communication as well as Small Group Communication and his favorite course, Introduction to Film. “From an early age we start the process of learning how to watch movies and begin making sense of what we see and hear on screen. Intro to Film at SteelStacks will provide film lovers with a deeper understanding of the involved process that is filmmaking and the techniques used to create multi layered meaning in film”.

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