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Improv Boot Camp with Daniel Moyer
Improv Boot Camp with Daniel Moyer
Sunday, July 15th
Price: $20 | $18 ArtsQuest Member
Venue: Fowler Blast Furnace Room
2:00 - 4:00 pm

No refunds or exchanges.

Come out for a fast paced obstacle course of creative challenges. This will be a two hour boot camp with an emphasis on energy, speed, and distraction. All darlings will be brutally murdered as we recklessly shift gears and take hard lefts, squeezing the ideas from your brain like water from a stone. You’ll be dizzy with laughter and gain some confidence to crush those unexpected curve balls that can popup when you least want them to.

A native of Bucks County and a Lehigh Valley based performer, Daniel has been a steady part of the local Improv scene since 2014. Initiating his studies at the ArtsQuest/ Banana Factory in Bethlehem, his incredibly inspiring teachers include Jon Lunger, Matt Candio, Dan Maher, and Evan Stutts all of ManDudeBro.

Daniel was a founding member of the inaugural Steel Stacks Improv Comedy Power Hour group Olde Timey Safeword. He has continued participation with consecutive house groups EllaVader, Shrunken Kids, Little Torpedo, Dream Carnival, and most recently with Staycation. He has performed at the Steel Stacks Improv Comedy Festivals as well as the Del Close Marathon.

Daniel is a founding member of independent teams The Fourtets and The Flumplenarfs, for which he also created original themed costumes. He has performed in several one-off shows produced by Dan Maher in his “Best of…” series and others, and as a sketch actor in “Challengers of the Well-Known: Accept Nothing Dirty”

Daniel has also attended local workshops with guest instructors Jimmy Carrane (ImprovNerd), Amey Goerlich (Kromph), Christian Capozzoli, and the puppet troupe Team Lopez. Outside of the Lehigh Valley, he has participated in drop-in classes with Matt Donnelly (Matt and Mattinglys Ice Cream Social and The Bucket Show), the Happy Hour Improv Troupe, and the Vegas Theater Hub all located in Las Vegas.

Daniel tweets at @YWIMC as Danielbar Moustache

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