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Felted Wool Beads
Felted Wool Beads
Sunday, 8/12
1:00 - 4:00 PM
1 Day
Price $60 | ArtsQuest Member Price $54

In this one day workshop, we will use wet felting to create two different types of wool beads. Wet felting is a process where wool, warm water, soap, and agitation are combined to create felt. We will produce basic round beads as well as sushi style beads. These beads can later be strung to create beautiful soft jewelry or be used as embellishments. Students will use wet felting to create round and sushi style beads. We will start class with an overview of felting, types of wool, and basic process. Then, students will choose a few colors and be shown the process of creating round beads. Once they have created a few round beads, they will then layer fiber to create a cross bat and saturate it with warm, soapy water. Next, they will tightly roll up their bat and felt it as a roll. Finally, the sushi-style beads will be cut and laid out to air dry.

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