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Exploring Standup with Leticia Viloria
Exploring Standup with Leticia Viloria
Sunday, June 10
Price: $20 | $18 ArtsQuest Member
Venue: Fowler Blast Furnace Room
Sunday, June 10 | 1:00-3:30 p.m.

No refunds or exchanges.

There are SO MANY ways to be funny! Are you having trouble finding your comedic voice? Do you feel your current voice isn't true to yourself? Do you want to step outside the preconceived notions of what stand up is and be your own brand of funny? This workshop will discuss our perception of stand up and look at things that fit outside those boxes. Each person will write a (or use a current) mini stand up set. Then, we'll experiment with different ways to do the same set. We might even do each other's sets to explore what makes a joke universally funny!

Leticia Viloria was born and raised in Inwood, NYC. She has been performing since 2001. Considered an "Art Star" in the alt-performance scene in the Lower East Side, she worked at The Bowery Poetry Club bar tending, managing, performing, booking and hosting shows. In 2006, she released a comedy CD "Pain is Fun". Leticia interned for "The Ron & Fez Show" on XM Satellite Radio, in 2007 and her album was featured on air. Since then, she has been expanding and trying new things that scare her such as improv, sketch, marriage, and childbirth. She currently teaches spoken word for Dena Blizzards non-profit, Ladies Out Loud, a program which uses different performance art forms to teach high school girls to be outspoken and leaders.

Students must be 18 or older at the time of the workshop. Workshop durations are approximate and may go longer or shorter based on the amount of students enrolled.

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