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Creative Family Workshop: Found Object Photo Frame
Creative Family Workshop: Found Object Photo Frame
Sunday, July 8
1:30PM - 3:30PM
1 Day Workshop
Price: $10 | $9 ArtsQuest Members

Come as a family to this workshop and see how creative you can be together! Make a statement with your personal artifacts and other found objects to create a personal art collage. 

Found objects are objects of inconsequential material found just about anywhere, with interesting origins, history, or purposes, or exhibiting elements or principles of design or other aesthetic qualities. Found object art is art assembled from various found objects. Assemblage art is non-traditional sculpture, made from re-combining found objects. Some of these objects are junk from the streets. Assemblage art is more than the works themselves. It expresses an attitude or statement by the artists about what we have out-grown, in our throwaway society that values ever-more newness. Read about and show art images from Louise Nevelson, as an inspiration. Start with a frame, glue in a fitted piece of foam board or mat board. Arrange the collection. Organization suggestion, like and kind, what looks alike, put with that kind. Glue objects to the foam board or mat board. Use a solid color paint that covers plastic, glass, and other materials. Families of all sizes and make-ups are welcome! All materials are included, one project per registration.

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