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Brushing Up on the Basics with Sarah White
Brushing Up on the Basics with Sarah White
Price: $20 | $18 ArtsQuest Member
Venue: Banko Gallery

No refunds or exchanges.

When we start doing improv we are so excited and on fire and just wanting to run on that stage and just "kill it" or "slay" that energy comes deep from our bellies and keeps our feet light and the ideas coming fast. Like anything else when you start learning more and performing more we become "stuck in the groove" or start to "go through the motions". We are trying to pull insane moves to keep things fresh for, not just the audience, but for us as well. But how do we get back to that feeling of our first love? That rush of butterflies... that feet dancing in the hallway can’t wait to get out there feeling.

Come spend a couple of hours going back to the improv basics. This workshop will have a direct focus on getting to the root of the scene, working on relationships, making sure we are being active in the scene, working on saying "yes and...", and accepting what our partner has gifted us. We'll work on building positive scenes that build strong connections between scene partners and try to avoid improv pitfalls like arguments, teaching, and transactions.  Come give your improv relationship the dash of spice you have been missing.

Students must have completed ArtsQuest's Improv 101 in order to take this workshop.
If you have not taken Improv 101 with ArtsQuest but have other experience (Upright Citizen's Brigade, Philly Improv Theater) and want to enroll, please contact Ryan Hill at

Sarah White is a comedian from Bethlehem, PA who performs stand up, sketch, and improv comedy. Sarah is currently on the SteelStacks house team Family Laundry (as part of Improv Comedy Power Hour), duoprov team Burritos & Mascara, and sketch team Lexington Compost. She has performed in several character bits in shows at the ArtsQuest Center at Steelstacks.

Students must be 18 or older at the time of the workshop. Workshop durations are approximate and may go longer or shorter based on the amount of students enrolled.




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