Monoscenes with Evan Stutts

Tuesday, Nov 7
Banko Gallery, Banana Factory
$20/$18 AQ Member
Learn to play emotionally grounded 30 minute scenes with high stakes and no tag outs. The Monoscene is a one location dedicated form that will heighten your sense of playing in grounded reality and with patience.

Each player will establish a character and continue to explore that character for the scene's entirety, seeking out why these characters are together and for what reason. The Monoscene focuses on playing strong points of view and juggling multiple games with a single scene.

Evan Stutts has been studying and performing improve since 2008. He has trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC and has also studied at the Second City in Toronto. Some of his teachers include Gil Ozeri, Kevin Hines, Ben Remeaka, Gavin Speiller, Brandon Gardner, and Shannon O'Neil. You can see Evan perform with ManDudeBro, Murder House, and Dojo Spaceship

When & Where

Banko Gallery
Plenty of tickets
Tue, Nov 7
7:00 PM